Posted by: LeLe Chan | July 22, 2010

The BIG MOVE – part 1

the night before selling over 1/2 of our furniture.

So the rumours are true, we are moving back to Vancouver.   Husband made the decision on Wednesday July 7th, and we needed to be Vancouver-based as of August 1st…giving me a little over 3 WEEKS to coordinate the move of a family of 4.


To get my house rented, find a 2bd + 2ba + den condo in Vancouver to live in (site unseen), clean/purge the house, hold a MOVING SALE, hire movers, get Kiana out of Preschool…you get the picture. Thankfully I managed to get all that done; amazing, I know. Now the move is looming nearer and nearer, and since most of the chores are done, the emotions are starting to sink in. Watch out for the waterworks people. Stay tuned.



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