I like to make stuff.  I’ve been told I should sell some of the stuff I make, so here are some examples of stuff I make. 🙂

Tutus are available in almost any color you can think of, and too many for me to list here.  If you’re interested in ordering a tutu, email me with your size & color preference.


This is the prototype of my Bling Bibs, the lovely Kaya is modelling it for me.  I’ve been wanting to make baby bibs that are more like the trendy Bib Necklaces that I keep seeing in magazines.  I also wanted bibs that are not pink and do not have cartoon animals or cheesy sayings on them.  This is still a work in process as I have to figure out a way to bling out the bibs in a baby-safe fashion (non-choking hazard bling)…I’m thinking satin rosettes and large pearly buttons that are too big to swallow? Any ideas?

More products coming soon…so stay tuned!



  1. OMG! Those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I would totally love to order one for Stella. Let me know what to do to make the order happen!

  2. Jaimie – I’ve already made one for Stella & will send it once I’m done making her an original Thumbsuckers blankie. 🙂 Can’t get any girlier than a tutu!

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