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Lex’s Show & Share

Okay, LexyLou has called for a Show & Share …so here goes nothing.

The Rules: Show and Share
Pick out a photo from your recent (or not so recent) past.  Any photo.  Easy right?  Now for the catch: You gotta be in it & it has to have significance to you (ie, a story to it)…and you need to share the photo & the story with us. =) Dun dun dun.

Meet XTScene Lé.  She was notorious for dancing in the cage @ a certain Vancouver night spot.  She only wore half-shirts (top half or front half), rarely a whole shirt.  She always had a great time and she loved to dance.  Yes, this was me, once upon a time…pre-children.  And yes, that’s my now-husband with me, the year we started dating.

We’ve come a long way. LOL.

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Motherhood is the most challenging job in the world, and, let’s face it ladies, one of the most judgemental ones.

I play the part of doting mother and loving wife to the best of my ability, but nobody’s perfect.  Here are a few of my confessions (don’t judge me).

  1. I refuse to share drinks with my daughters.  I love them, but backwash is gross no matter whose it is.
  2. Imitation may be a form of flattery, but I just find it plain annoying.  Period.
  3. Earlier this week, I pointed to a line on the couch and forbade my 3 & half year old from crossing it.  She always wants to sit next to me…and sometimes I just need my space.  Am I horrible?
  4. I wish my toddler had a mute button, and sometimes I tell her so.
  5. I make my kids eat healthy, but I love McDonalds.  Mmmmm…fries….
  6. A glass of wine (or three) usually gets me through the day.  It’s ok as long as I don’t start until after 4pm, right?
  7. I have a favorite child. [insert shock & gasps here]  So does my husband, and no, we don’t have the same favorite.
  8. Preschool & dance classes are great for my daughter’s development and social interaction…but she’s in them for the sake of my sanity.
  9. I sometimes (ok, often) use the TV to keep my kids occupied so I can do my makeup in the morning.
  10. I don’t like hugs.  Is that really so weird???
  11. I may be in trouble for writing this one down…but here goes.  I hate when my husband gets sick.  All men turn into the biggest babies when they’re sick, it borders on ridiculous.  Mine actually told me that he didn’t think I’ve ever been in as much pain & suffering as he did with his last bout of the flu.  Seriously?  Cuz birthing his TWO CHILDREN was a walk in the park?  Cuz pregnancy TWICE was so pleasant?  Granted, it was a bad flu he got…but still.  I fought the urges to scream “I’m not your mother,” and “Put on your big boy pants & deal with it,” and made him honey-lemon tea instead.  That was a challenge.  I deserve a cookie…or a glass wine…or six…

There it is.  Go ahead, shake your heads in dismay.  I know you’re judging me.  I’m over it.  I just really needed to get that off my chest.

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The Knick Knack Exchange

Photo Credit: Jana Vackova

I’ve joined the Knick Knack Exchange and I’m super excited!  Danielle of Dinosaur Toes has started up a really neat getting-to-know-you/gift exchange for all the crafty bloggers out there.

“Here’s the idea: Each participant will be paired with another, and we will send that person a little something that tells them a bit about us, along with a handwritten note about it (and you). Send them something you make, an item you collect, a polaroid from your stash, etc. To join, please send me an email at with your name, mailing address and blog address. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep this running (maybe into February???), but I want to be sure we have lots of friends joining in! Once this round has come to an end, I’ll email you the name, address and blog of your partner so you can send your special package to your new blog buddy!” – from Dinosaur Toes

I can’t wait to get my blogger-buddy package in the mail.  What should I make them?  Ooh the ideas…Wanna join?   Click the link.

On another note, my sister & niece are coming for a visit this weekend!  We’re going to have a ladies crafting marathon with my other super-crafty-momma friend.  We’ll simply put the kids to bed and sit around the dining room table sewing and sipping wine.  Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?  Yeah, if only putting the kids to bed were that easy…maybe we’ll just lock them up -er- keep them entertained in the playroom…yeah…good plan.  Wish us luck. 😉

Posted by: LeLe Chan | January 26, 2010

I love our life.

I love my husband, I love my kids, I love my life.  I’m usually not one to gloat, but every now and then, you will find me so engrossed in bliss that I can’t help to share it (or else I’ll burst…seriously).  So please bear with me and have your barf bag ready, this post is mushy.  I apologize in advance.

For Valentine’s Day 2008, I created this video montage of “Our Life” for my husband.

This year, as an early V-day gift, I’ve created the sequel.

Enjoy (or gag).

Posted by: LeLe Chan | January 21, 2010

The School for Husbands

I got a call from a dear friend who wanted validation for the displeasure she felt towards her husband. They are new parents, with an adorable 3 week old baby girl. Her question to me was “When did your husband start going out with the guys again, after your baby was born, and how did you feel about it? Am I crazy, or do I have a right to be upset?” Ahh…the memories. 😉

I listened to her rant, did a lot of nodding, laughing, and sympathizing. I totally remember being there! Men, no matter how much they try and no matter how “reformed” they may be, will always be men. They will never truly be able to get it. So here it is boys, listen up!

  1. We do not “sit at home all day & play with the baby” while you are slaving away at work. We go through the routine of feeding the baby, burping the baby, putting the baby to sleep, rocking the baby, changing the diapers, and starting it all over again. We do this all day long, every day. So yes, it may just be a few drinks after work with the boys to you, but to us, that’s asking us to pull in major over-time & possibly a double shift (depending on how drunk you are when you get home).
  2. It’s not considered babysitting if it’s your own kid. When you want to go do something, whether it’s to run errands, play golf, or hang out with the guys, it’s simply assumed that we’ll stay home with the baby. That’s fine, and we as mothers love our baby, but it goes both ways sir. If we need to run errands, meet up with girlfriends for coffee, or even shop for an hour, we shouldn’t have to check to see if you’re available to watch the baby while we’re out. You’re not a babysitter. You’re a father. You helped create said baby, so you get to help care for said baby. You’re a big boy, it’s not that hard, you can do it. Stop freaking out about being left alone with the baby.
  3. Just like you, we’re exhausted by the time you get home from work. We literally count down the minutes until you walk through the door to relieve us of duty. You may have had a long day at work, but trust us, that’s a picnic compared to the day we’ve had. So don’t sit on the couch and claim you need a nap as soon as you get in. Take the kid(s) so we can finally go pee, take a shower, change out of this shirt with spit up on it…you know…minor stuff that you probably take for granted but that we long for.
  4. You’re not a child and I’m not your mother. I shouldn’t have to tell you how to change the baby’s diaper, or that the under-shirt goes under the shirt when you’re dressing the baby, or even how many shirts you need to pack for that weekend trip! You also do not need my permission to go out with your friends, I’m not that kind of wife, nor do I wish to be. Just be aware of where your priorities lie, and be ok with the consequences of your actions. So yeah, go for those drinks with your friends instead of coming home and helping me with the baby, that’s fine. But don’t expect me to be pleased about it when you get home. Fair is fair.
  5. You are loved and appreciated. We just want the same. 🙂

Now it’s been a long time since I’ve had these issues with my own husband (he does more than his fair share of the housework and is awesome with taking the kids off my hands so I can get a break), but I’m told that mine is one in a million & I’m quite lucky. I know this and am grateful for it. Maybe I should have him start up a School for Husbands? hehehe

But don’t worry if you’re not there yet with your partner, it was a long road for us as well. Just remember, you started this together & you’re in it together. Deal with it, and love each other. 🙂

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The missing years – a recap.

I’ve been racking my brain to think of a way to recap the past 3 or so years for you, and (thanks to a brilliant friend & fellow blogger) have come up with a way to do it while avoiding one reeeeaaaalllyyy long post.

These are the yearly newsletters I send out during Christmas, and each one summarizes the year quite well.  Enjoy!

Chan Clan 2007
Chan Clan 2008
Chan Clan 2009

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I’m Back!

Well, almost 4 years in hiatus but here I am. As you can see, so much has happened. Not only is Kiana an “energetic” 3 & a half year-old, but we’ve also welcomed the (thankfully) mellow Kaya into our lives.

I’ve decided to re-ignite my love of writing and to revive this blog, so please bear with me as I rant/rave/vent/boast about my family’s journey and lessons the universe teaches me.  Happy New Year!

Posted by: LeLe Chan | May 6, 2009

Life Lessons (where is this from???)

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down, probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so rememeber how it felt when yours was broken.

You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love.

So, take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back…… life is too short.

Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should,and let go of what you can’t change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances, give everything and have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy.

You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you’re sad, love what you’ve got and always remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret. People change, and things go wrong, but always remember, life goes on.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

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Not black not white no rose colored glasses. Real world in Pantones vivid life amongst the masses. Look up look down key is to look in all directions. Right wrong doesn’t matter do what you gotta to make it happen. It only hurts as long as you let it. Learn from this and don’t forget it. Behind you in front of you beside you you’re not alone. You me he she we all feel it to the bone. Listen to the voice inside it doesn’t lie it doesn’t hide. Good bad yin yang consider this your big bang. Baby steps chin up the world won’t stop for your hiccups. No more questions answers lame excuses. LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.

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One of THOSE moms…

01127 It's finally happened, even though I said it never would. I've turned into one of those moms. You know what I'm talking about, my mom was one of them, and your mom was probably one of them too. The "Ah Ha" moment for me was the other day when I was out with Kiana. She had a bit of dried up drool on her cheek, so I licked my thumb and wiped away the crusties off her face. She grimaced at me, and that's when I realized I had turned into one of those moms I swore I'd never become.

Every other sentence that leaves my mouth is "Kiana this" and "Kiana that." When people come over I smother them in Kiana's latest photos and video clips. "Look at my baby" has escaped my lips more times than I'd like to admit. I say the word "No" at least 300 times a day. I breastfeed in public places with nothing more than a receiving blanket for coverage. I call her silly names like monkey and peanut. I let her play with my cell phone, keys, ipod…whatever keeps her interested and quiet. I let her sleep in the living room, I don't rush to her every time she cries, and my living room (along with the rest of my house) has been invaded by her toys.

Before I became a mother, I had all sorts of idealistic notions of what mothers should and shouldn't do. I now realize those notions were absurd and would like to apologize to mothers everywhere…and to say that I know what it's like now. Motherhood is hard work, and we do what we do in order to maintain some semblance of order and to stay sane. Kudos to all you moms out there!

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