Posted by: LeLe Chan | August 19, 2005

Intro – Mrs. C.

So people keep asking me the same thing over & over…how’s married life?

Having experienced a whopping 20 days of married life, I highly doubt I’d be able to give an educated response.

Instead, I give you the marriage advice given to Allan & I, by couples celebrating either their 25th or 50th wedding anniversaries, while we were on our honeymoon cruise through French Polynesia.

1) “Shut up & do whatever she says.” These words of wisdom came from a gentleman celebrating 50 years with his lovely wife, a woman who’s “always right”. She laughed when she heard his advice, then responded with: “Well it worked didn’t it? We’re still married!”

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the marriage advice we received…the rest were variations of the same message. As odd as it sounds though, these couples all were very happily married and appeared to truly enjoy each other’s company. Do they know something we don’t? Is there a hint of truth to their contraversial advice? MInd you, none of those husbands seemed to be the type to let themselves be walked all over.

Perhaps in this dance called marriage, it’s not who leads that matters, but that you’re dancing to the same music. Looks like Allan & I are off to a good start then, we’ve already found our rythm.


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